I’m Back.

I’m really sorry for being gone for SO long. I was having a lot of issues at school involving friends and so forth. One thing I just want to get out of the way is all about Brad. 

Not everyone of google is fake. My dads on google, my friends are on google. Just because you are on google domes not mean that you are fake. Brad is a real person and my boyfriend. He is from Brazil and moved here when he was 8. His birth name is Pedro, but in english his name in Portragese (sorry about spelling) translates into Brad. The picture was taken when me and him went on a cruise this spring to Mexico on the Disney Wonder. I don’t lie. In my school I am known as a lier because I grew up with that “title.” I have three brothers and three sisters and they are all in there 30s and one is 41. I am a teenager. My mom had me when she was 50. Many kids did not believe that when I told them about that when I was in kindergarten. Since Iive in a tiny town and have to grow up with all these kids in a tiny community we all have labels. I do not lie, and my real friends like Katie, Renee, Audry, Allison, and so many others really know that I do not lie. And in life, people will accuse you of things you know in your heart you did not do. And as long as I know that I did not lie, then i will die and honest Christian. I am proud of who I am, and no one can take that away from me. I’m sorry if I say things like “y’all,” but it is just a word. I’m sorry, but I’m not making fun of people from the South or anything like that. It is just a little thing I say a lot, and I am even from Chicago. So it is not just a Texas thing. It is a stereo type of people from Texas. 

I hope you girls can forgive me, and hope your week goes well. Any ideas please leave a comment. 



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Just Letting You Know

A few days ago someone commented about my blog saying that I was lying. So i just wanted you to see the posts, and how I replied, and why I may not be posting for a while. 





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I only put up one picture of Brad up. Since you hate me so much, why read my blog? This blog was put out here for girl how may want advice on things. Not snotty girls named Trina who can’t stop talking about my boyfriend. Why do you care? I don’t know you and you don’t know me. And sorry about my spelling, but I have dyslexia, so deal with it. In fact, why do you have to deal with it? Since there are so many girls out there, such as “Trina” that just want to be rude, because maybe they want a boyfriend, I will just exit out my blog. I will make life so much easier for “Trina,” so she does not have to read every single one of my posts and comment on how I’m “lying.” Hope all of you enjoyed this blog, and you can thank Trina for me not posting any more things. I just wanted to give you advice, but I see maybe my girl post should have been on bullying. I’m sorry you don’t know how to be nice “Trina.” Have a nice life.

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those two pictures are not the same.

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And my reply…



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come up with a better name than “brad” and maybe some people will actually believe that those two pictures are of the same people. good luck!

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Just to let you know, “Trina” this IS my boyfriend. 


Hey girls! I just wanted to tell you that my lap top just went wacko on me and deleted my post about hair. I will try to get it up sometime later this week! Hope you can forgive me! 


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Study Tips

Hey girls! I got a lot of requests for doing a post on study tips, so here we go! At my school, we have tests around the corner everyday! A math quiz on Monday, a science test on Tuesday, a Social Studies test on Thursday, and a quiz every other day! Doesn’t that just make you crazy! You want good grades, but just can’t keep up with it all? I totally know how you feel. I have to juggle all my school work with dance, piano, and my social life. No one wants to always say “No I have to study,” to your friends all the time. So today, I am going to give you some tips on how to get everything out of your way, and how to get good grades, while still hanging out with your friends. 


Notecards can really help in my opinion. You can do them on your own, with friends, or a family member. But did you know that you could do them on the computer? I’m not saying type them on the computer, but I’m saying there is a website just for studying. Go to http://www.quizlet.com I know it only has one z, but that is the way it is spelled. It is a website were you can make notecards, play games with them, and do all sorts of stuff. It way seem tacky at first, but having the women on the little speaker thing read them to you is a really good way to study if you like to study with your ears. 


If you have a textbook that you are studying out of, the best way is to not just read it, but act it out. I know, I know, weird! But guess what? I acted out chapter 8 in my social studies textbook with my friends because I had a test coming up, and I just got it back with a big old honking 102.5% Oh, yeah, I got the extra credit! It does help to act it out if you are a person who just can’t sit still and just read the same junk over and over again. Another trick of mine is to read the chapter or section or whatever aloud to yourself or to a mom or dad. I don’t know about you, but one job I might like to have when I’m older is to major in the theater. And one way to prep for a test, and get a head start on theater, is to simply just read the textbook aloud in your room, or in front of your parents. Sciences have proven that when YOU read something aloud to yourself, your brain picks up your voice better than if a teacher was reading it to you. Also, don’t be scared to read aloud in class if you want to. Like if your table is reading the textbook, ask the teacher if you can read. 


If you have a CD that comes with your textbook, or something, that is a great study tool. A good way to use it is to turn the CD of your textbook on, and then turn on your favorite songs just a bit lower than the textbook CD. That way you are listening to something that you like, while you are listening to something you don’t. It will help you a lot. Trust me. If you don’t have a CD for your textbook, record yourself reading the book on you computer, phone, iPod, a recorder, whatever. Then play it on there. 

So those were some study tips. And if you didn’t notice, most, if not all of them you can do with friends. So after you nail section 3 on chapter 9, go out to a movie, or lunch with your friends, reward yourself! 

Now if you get a lab that you have to do my next Monday, do it right when you get it. I know you amy feel like, NOOOOOOO I don’t want to! I just want to go home and watch TV after school. Okay then. Go home and watch Pretty Little Liars, but right after you have your snack and like a half an hour of TV, just go and do it. You will be tired, and say, I will just do it tomorrow, but then you will say the same thing tomorrow. Then soon enough, it is Sunday, your friend is having a party, but your mom says you can’t go because you didn’t do your stupid project! Ugg! So, just get it done and over with right when you get it. It will make life so much easier, and then you won’t have to worry about it and just got out a party with your friends! 

I hope this helped a little! If you want me to post something, anything, I will be happy to do so! 



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Organizing Part 1

Oh no, organizing. Don’t we hate it when your mother makes a big deal out of a messy room or a messy desk? Well lucky for you, I love organizing! I have no idea why, but I do. My room is organized, my clothes are organized into color coded sections, my makeup is organized into product and then compony. So as you can see, I do like organized things. So today I am going to give you some little tips on how to organize your room, desk, bathroom, or whatever. 


1. Take everything off the desk and everything that is in the desk and put it on the bed, floor, or whatever. 

2. Whip down the desk with whips to get away any dirt or bacteria. 

3. Look through EVERYTHING, and throw away any items that were on your desk to begin with that you don’t need. I know this can be very hard, but just do it. It will make your life MUCH cleaner and easier. 

4. Time to start putting things on the desk! Start from the back leading up to the front with placing things on the desk. 

5. Put the things you may need at times, but not all the time in the back. (sharpener, tape, stapler, etc.)

6. Then work your way to the sides of the desk. Grab a pencil holder and put all your pencils in there. Then do the same things, but with pens in the holder. 

7. Then if you have any graph paper, or lined paper, or any type of paper, stack it in the pile it belongs in and put that on the side of the desk. So put paper on the edge in the corner, then pen/pencil holders. 

9. Time to move to the next corner! In that corner if you have any markers, stickers, or post cards, but all of those things in the other corner. 

10. Now if you have any loose things like mini crayons, or erasers, just find a mini basket and through them in the back. (please don’t really through them!) 

11. Now if you have a laptop, or computer in your room, I would put that in the center of your desk. But if you don’t, just keep the space clear for any school work, and projects that may come along. 

I just got a new desk from PBteen, so as soon as I get that in I will show you a pic of my new desk all organized for you! 

I think I will make this a mini series of organizing tips and tricks. I will one on your room, clothes, and what ever else you want. 

Coming Soon to Teen Girl Speaks Blog…

HAIR! I will do countless tips and hair styles on how to do your hair. I will also talk about how to kepp your hair clean and healthy for life! 

Hope you enjoyed this! 


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Life. It Can Suck.

Sigh, life. Life can be so great. Like that one day when you get everything you thought you would ever need. Then, poof, you realize that everything you ever wanted went out 100 miles away from you. Life can suck, but did you know that you are the person that makes it suck? You see people on TV and in movies whose lives are perfect. But know that it is not real. Have you ever noticed that every real story that was made into a movie, is one about someone dying on cancer, or loosing their one true love. And it usually ends pretty sad. So today, I am going to talk to you about how to live life to the fullest, do good toward others, and how make your life MUCH easier. I have to admit, I think life can suck a lot! All I have to do is go into the city and turn a corner. I see people who have nothing. Do you mind if I tell you a story? 

One day I was volunteering at a soup kitchen, and I was a little scared of this man who had only one eye, his clothes looking like rags, and walking with an old tree branch. I was scared to go and give him his mac and cheese. But, I walked over and said “Hi sir, how are you today?” And do know what he said back? He said, and I quote, “I am so blessed right now.” And I thought to myself, he has no family, no house, and on the verge on dying. How can he be so happy? But do you know why he was so happy? Bcause he was getting a meal in God knows how many days, and was being talked to. And my simple words that I say to almost everyone, made his day. That is what I want you to do. Put a light in someone, anyones, day. 

School can be SO bad sometimes. You get all A’s and then you get that one C. UGGGG, stupid C! But guess what? It is a C, turn it into a “C, I did great this quarter!” Those little things in life can feel like they threaten our whole lives at that very moment. If your teacher is mad at you because you kept on not turning out on your tondos, you know what, who cares? Well, go home and work on it! That was one day. Everyone has a bad day! Forget about it! I know if you are sitting in class watching your crush flirt with another girl KILLS you…but turn around, there is someone looking at you. I had a major crush on this guy, and then guess what? He asked out someone else right in front of me! Then one day I realized that this one boy named Ian was staring at me. Then at the end of class some people came up to me and told me that Ian liked me. Well duh he was staring at me for 40 minutes! I felt SO bad! Because that’s when my boyfriend now asked me out and I said yes. (duh) So, I have no idea why I am telling you this, to what the point is. But just know 82% of the time you like someone, someone likes you and you don’t even know it because you are paying attention to the person you like who likes someone else. It is a true science, look it up if you want! 

One thing I would suggest if you want to be a positive light in someone else’s life is to check out the book do good 201 ways to lend a hand, by Marcy Silverman and Cindy Sacks. It is a really good “book.” 

If you guys somewhat enjoyed this and want to to do more on how to organize your life and so forth through school, dance, soccer, or whatever, like this post! Let me know if any of you guys or girls have any other thing you want me to talk about! 


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What To Wear When You Are At…

Hi girls! This post is going to be about what to wear when you are at school, going out with friends, going out on a date, or simply going to a wedding. hope this will help your fashion experience expand! 

The first thing I am going to talk about is what to wear when you are at school. If you have “free dress code” or not, this will help each and everyone of you in the fashion world. 


This sucks, right? No opinion of what you get to wear, no style, and no statements about yourself! Yes, it can suck, but every outfit can always become better! For example, I am in the singing group at my school, and I was singing in the musical at school. My outfit was horrible! It was long black leggings, a red blouse, a black scarf around my neck, and med gym shoes! YUCK! Long story short, I switched it up a bit. Since the leggings were too long, I rolled them up right below my knee to make them look less “I just lost 100 pounds in my leg!” With the red blouse, I bought one from H&M, but bought one that flowed. Then I put one of my Abercrombie belts around my waist so I would not look like a fat person with a huge middle and stick legs. Then, the scarf I cut in half to make it not look too big on me and only kept it on when I needed to. And finally, since the shoes were all black anyway, I replaced the all black keds with my black Toms! I have to say, the outfit was 110% better! 

Let’s say you have a white blouse for part of your uniform, well, button it down like 3 buttons, and put on a not too chunky, but mini chunky necklace! And maybe a friendship bracelet from time to time. Or maybe, just do something different with your hair to make people look up instead of them looking at how weird you MAY look. 


If you don’t have a dress code at your school, then you know what is up with the latest fashion at your school. But, don’t let the popular people make the first move on what’s right and what’s not. You decide for yourself! All i can really say is wear what you like. One of my many sayings is “You wear the outfit, don’t let it wear you.” 

Going Out With Friends: 

If you and your friends are having a girl night out to the movies, or anything like that, that is the time when you can really bring out your color side! You are all girls! Have you ever noticed when you are having a girls night out or a sleepover, that you really get CRAZY?!?!? Well, don’t you? This is because you are just being yourself! Let the colors fly when you are out with your peeps! One time when it was my friend’s birthday, we got all dressed up in nice skirts and dresses, did our makeup and hair, and went to restraint called quesadilla. It was sort of like a fast food place. It was funny, everyone one was like, “WTF?” But we had a really good time! 

Going On a Date: 

If you are in middle or high school and you are just going out to the movies and to someplace like Potbellies, don’t get all dressed up. Me and my boyfriend went out yesterday to go see The Lorax (SO GOOD!) and then went out to Potbellies, then went to a local bakery shop. Guess what wore, jeans, an A&F shirt, and his grey North Face. I wore my jeans, my Pink Floyd shirt, and my pink North Face. Duh, we both like fashion, but we wanted to be cozy and warm. We were just going to a movie and dinner. It was cold and snowy! All you really have to do is put on (I call it) “weekend wear.” Jeans and shirt, and you are ready to go! If you are going out to a nice place, then yes a skirt, and tank, and nice sweater are indicated, but I have only gone out with my boyfriend twice to a nice place. You are in middle and high school. At this point in your teen years, you are not going to a Ball! As your relationship gets more intense and as you get older, the boy (or girl, I guess) will start taking you out to nicer places. But def. not in middle school. 

Formal Wear: 

For this I will just list eat season, and what I have in my closet that I might wear. 


My white lace dress from As U wish

My gold ankle snaffles from Juicy


My deep orange silk stomach dress from Seventh Day 

My medium brown boot from Jonny B 


My see-through black tights from Forever 21

My pencil hug skirt from BP

My black high heals from Nordstroms 

and my tucked in aqua plan shirt from Pink 


My favorite! 

The button down flower skirt I just got from Forever 21

And cream tank top from Forever 21

A nice medium grey sweater from Seventh Day 

Dusty brown boots from Jonny B

With all of these I would for sure to accessories, but I will not take a million other hours picking out each earring! Hope you all liked this! 



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P.S. I did tho to my friend’s hair last summer! You like? 


How To Go Back To School With Confidence

Hey people! Today I am going to teach you how to go back to school with confidence! This will hopefully help your self confidence and the way people look at your self confidence. So here we go!

1. Don’t be like “Oh no, is what I said me?” What ever you say, is you being you.

2. Know what you are good at opposed to what you are not too grand at.

3. Be confident in say any subject you know you are good at. If you are good at math, and you know what 3 1/2 multiplied by 7 6/18 go ahead and tell someone! If your crush needs help with math, don’t be afraid to help him. He will see that you are not all beauty, but brains too!

4. When you walk into class or a wedding or any social event, walk in with your head held high. Sholders back, neck up, and smile.

5. When ever you are walking into a room, or just walking on the street, stand up right. (Tip: if you do stand up right, with your shoulders back and so forth, your stomach goes in, and you will look “skinnier.”)

6. The #1 rule to being confident is just say “Who cares?” You will never see this really hot boy walking down the street in another country ever again, so just jump, laugh, and scream your heart out!

7. Another really important subject in this post is to say that popularity does not matter. I have a friend who is labeled a “loser” and I have a friend who is labeled a “popular girl.” They are both really great people, and everyone calls them selfs loser. but it is the people who embrace their “loserness” inside of them are the ones who will enjoy life.

8. If you are a new kid, or are making new friends, have a “take me or leave me,” attitude.

9. Clothes wise, wear what looks good on you and what feels nice and cozy to you. Don’t let your friend bla bla tell you what to wear, you wear what you want!

10. Being confident in my book means impressing myself. I put on nice clothes, do my hair, and put on makeup for me. If you are looking for a guy, then look as you want to look. Not like the other girl who has a super cute boyfriend. Because then the boy will like you for you. If you aren’t being yourself, then all of your friends and loved ones will not like you a for you.

11. Just a quick tip, 50 other people want to be themselves at school, and if you let go and just be yourself, others will start to do so as well.

I don’t know about you, but my school is very labeled. Everyone has a label and everyone is fake. Only like 2 out of 11 people are actually being them true self. When and if you are confident in your self, you come off as a more happy, up beat, real person. Also, if you are confident, boys and girls like confidence in a person they want to love, or in a person they want to be friends with. It is a real turn off to making new friends or having your crush ask you out if you are shallow and have no confidence in yourself.


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Top 9 Drug Store Makeup Products

Hey girls (or guys if you like makeup?!?) Anyway, today I am going to talk about buying cheep, yet useful and beautiful makeup products. Once again, for the 50th time, I will be listing the products! 

1. Foundation:

Revlon Color Stay (great for dry skin)

2. Concealer: 

Nutragenia 3 for eyes. I don’t use this, but my sister does and loves it to pieces. 

3. Bronzer: 

NYC smooth skin bronzer 

4. Blush:

Cream-NYC blush able cream stick

Powder-ELF blush in sunny 

5. Lips: 

Revlon lip butter


6. Eye base: 

24 hour color eye studio 

7. Eyeliner: 

Pencil- Wet n’ Wild 

8. Eye shadow:

Knock on wood wet n’ wild 

9. Mascara: 


Okay that is it for today. I just thought instead of going out and buying all of those M.A.C. products, that you should know that there is a 99 cent AH-SOME eyeliner out there at any local beauty store. More then half of those thing I don’t really use, but it is really a personal opinion! 


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Spring Nail Polish

I am going to talk to you today about my most favorite spring time nail polishes! I actually have not been that big of a fan of nail polish the last few months, but I am now getting back to it! So I will just list what are my favorite spring time nail polishes and were they are from! 

1. Flat Out Straight Purple from Essie

2. Something Sweet from China Glaze

3. Dance Baby from China Glaze

4. IV from China Glaze

5. Tart Decd from Essie

6. Cinderella from Sinful Colors

7. Electric Beat from China Glaze

8. Aquadellic from China Glaze

9. Fly from OPI

10. Did It On ‘Em from OPI 

So that is all of my spring time favorites. All of these were bought by me, except Cinderella from Sinful Colors, which my mom bought for me. You can get everyone of theses at a local drug store. I got all of my China Glaze from Jewel Osco, and all my OPI from a beauty salon near were I live. HAPPY SPRING TIME!!!




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P.S. if you are looking for a really good top and base coat for your nail polish I would suggest Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat. You can buy it at almost any local drug store!