Top 9 Drug Store Makeup Products

Hey girls (or guys if you like makeup?!?) Anyway, today I am going to talk about buying cheep, yet useful and beautiful makeup products. Once again, for the 50th time, I will be listing the products! 

1. Foundation:

Revlon Color Stay (great for dry skin)

2. Concealer: 

Nutragenia 3 for eyes. I don’t use this, but my sister does and loves it to pieces. 

3. Bronzer: 

NYC smooth skin bronzer 

4. Blush:

Cream-NYC blush able cream stick

Powder-ELF blush in sunny 

5. Lips: 

Revlon lip butter


6. Eye base: 

24 hour color eye studio 

7. Eyeliner: 

Pencil- Wet n’ Wild 

8. Eye shadow:

Knock on wood wet n’ wild 

9. Mascara: 


Okay that is it for today. I just thought instead of going out and buying all of those M.A.C. products, that you should know that there is a 99 cent AH-SOME eyeliner out there at any local beauty store. More then half of those thing I don’t really use, but it is really a personal opinion! 


Teen Girl Speaks 





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