Organizing Part 1

Oh no, organizing. Don’t we hate it when your mother makes a big deal out of a messy room or a messy desk? Well lucky for you, I love organizing! I have no idea why, but I do. My room is organized, my clothes are organized into color coded sections, my makeup is organized into product and then compony. So as you can see, I do like organized things. So today I am going to give you some little tips on how to organize your room, desk, bathroom, or whatever. 


1. Take everything off the desk and everything that is in the desk and put it on the bed, floor, or whatever. 

2. Whip down the desk with whips to get away any dirt or bacteria. 

3. Look through EVERYTHING, and throw away any items that were on your desk to begin with that you don’t need. I know this can be very hard, but just do it. It will make your life MUCH cleaner and easier. 

4. Time to start putting things on the desk! Start from the back leading up to the front with placing things on the desk. 

5. Put the things you may need at times, but not all the time in the back. (sharpener, tape, stapler, etc.)

6. Then work your way to the sides of the desk. Grab a pencil holder and put all your pencils in there. Then do the same things, but with pens in the holder. 

7. Then if you have any graph paper, or lined paper, or any type of paper, stack it in the pile it belongs in and put that on the side of the desk. So put paper on the edge in the corner, then pen/pencil holders. 

9. Time to move to the next corner! In that corner if you have any markers, stickers, or post cards, but all of those things in the other corner. 

10. Now if you have any loose things like mini crayons, or erasers, just find a mini basket and through them in the back. (please don’t really through them!) 

11. Now if you have a laptop, or computer in your room, I would put that in the center of your desk. But if you don’t, just keep the space clear for any school work, and projects that may come along. 

I just got a new desk from PBteen, so as soon as I get that in I will show you a pic of my new desk all organized for you! 

I think I will make this a mini series of organizing tips and tricks. I will one on your room, clothes, and what ever else you want. 

Coming Soon to Teen Girl Speaks Blog…

HAIR! I will do countless tips and hair styles on how to do your hair. I will also talk about how to kepp your hair clean and healthy for life! 

Hope you enjoyed this! 


Teen Girl Speaks



  1. Little Red :)

    No Way! I color code my clothes too! 🙂 I like the basket idea because i have a lot of loose things 🙂

    • Thanks! I know, I love color coding things! It makes is so pretty!

  2. I color code my clothes too!! 🙂 what about drawers under your desk like a dresser to put your markers and note book in? i have one of those and my markers are all over the place!!

    • Well, if you don’t have a little plastic thing that the markers come in, I would get a pencil or pen holder for the markers as well. For dressers, I would put notebooks, sticky notes, glue, extra phone cords, things like that.

  3. For your next post could you please do it about school and how to do your work and studying for tests like a schedule cause i am always bad at that please help 😦

    • Okay, I will get to that as soon as I can! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Little Red :)

    yea they have alot of desk pen/pencil holders at staples. I got one for five dollars and I opens in to where you can put pictures its really cool

    • Cool! It is good you found a really good deal for something so cute!

  5. Little Red :)

    I agree with @Strawberry Girl 190 with the studying it would really help 🙂

  6. I double agree with @Strawberry Girl

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