Just Letting You Know

A few days ago someone commented about my blog saying that I was lying. So i just wanted you to see the posts, and how I replied, and why I may not be posting for a while. 





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Submitted on 2012/03/15 at 6:26 pm | In reply to Trina.

I only put up one picture of Brad up. Since you hate me so much, why read my blog? This blog was put out here for girl how may want advice on things. Not snotty girls named Trina who can’t stop talking about my boyfriend. Why do you care? I don’t know you and you don’t know me. And sorry about my spelling, but I have dyslexia, so deal with it. In fact, why do you have to deal with it? Since there are so many girls out there, such as “Trina” that just want to be rude, because maybe they want a boyfriend, I will just exit out my blog. I will make life so much easier for “Trina,” so she does not have to read every single one of my posts and comment on how I’m “lying.” Hope all of you enjoyed this blog, and you can thank Trina for me not posting any more things. I just wanted to give you advice, but I see maybe my girl post should have been on bullying. I’m sorry you don’t know how to be nice “Trina.” Have a nice life.

Teen Girl Speaks

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those two pictures are not the same.

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And my reply…



Submitted on 2012/03/15 at 4:10 am | In reply to iphoneteen1327.

come up with a better name than “brad” and maybe some people will actually believe that those two pictures are of the same people. good luck!

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Just to let you know, “Trina” this IS my boyfriend. 


  1. Belle

    Awwwww, don’t let people like Trina get to you, you’re an amazing blogger. Please keep writing, you shouldn’t give up your blog because jerks like Trina are being mean. Your advice is great, please don’t stop!

  2. aussiegirl427

    Nooo!!!!!!!! please dont stop!!!! trina is just a mean jerk who is SUPER jelous of you!! Shes a big bully and she shouldnt get to you. Brad is a normal name not something you’d make up. You only posted one picture of him so theres no way that she could ever be right. Please keep blogging your so good at it i love the ones about clothes!!!! If you do can you do a post on hair or clothes to wear when its hot? please keep blogging!!!

  3. Lauren

    Where were u when u took that pic of Brad? Brazil?

    • no. Check out my new post I’m back and find out everything.

  4. Lauren

    Oh okay. So he moved from Brazil to Chicago, and thats how you met him? cool. PS Brad translated into Portuguese is “prego” not Pedro…..Looked it up on Google Translate….Anyways, good post. keep blogging!

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